In a Request for Information (RFI) posted, Amtrak is seeking information on all types of rail vehicles including coach cars, trainsets and self-propelled units that could replace the Amfleet I equipment. Based on a thorough examination and review of what vehicle manufacturers have to offer, Amtrak plans to develop and release a Request for Proposal for specific replacement vehicles in 2019.

“New equipment will provide our customers with a more modern experience, while improving ride quality and reliability,” said Amtrak Vice President of Corporate Planning, Byron Comati.

Although the Amfleet I fleet has recently undergone a refresh program that has replaced many interior elements of the vehicles, including seats, carpets and lighting features, the cars are about 40 years old and are at the point where replacement is more cost-effective than maintenance.

This order is part of Amtrak’s plan to refresh and replace its fleet. Earlier this month, Amtrak issued an RFP for new or rebuilt locomotives to supplement and replace its aging National Network diesel locomotive fleet. In 2021, the first of 28 new Acela Express trainsets will start serving customers on the Northeast Corridor.

Amtrak is working aggressively to make immediate changes to the customer experience with improvements including refreshed trains, new fare structures, improved on-time performance, enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, upgraded facilities and expanded onboard experience options.

Additionally, ongoing improvements at New York Penn Station and the new Moynihan Train Hall; and further development of stations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia will further enhance the customer experience.