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Enhance your brand with our extensive color offering and custom transit logo options on INSIGHT® or INSIGHT-PRIME+, a smart, strong, and ergonomically superior seating solution...
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Rail Stainless Seating

Engineered for maximum durability, safety and longevity; Freedman seats are the industry’s preferred choice for any passenger railcar configuration, including LRV, Subway, and...
Luminator and Capital Metro, Austin, TX
E Ink
Signage and Displays

13.3-inch Display Panel

E Ink’s 13.3-inch display panel using E Ink Carta™ ePaper is ideal for a variety of dynamic content applications.
Bus E Inks Everett
Signage and Displays

13.3” display panel

E Ink’s 13.3” display panel using E Ink Carta™ ePaper technology is ideal for a variety of dynamic content applications
Tri Met Dbs 13 Chk
Shelters, Stations, Fixtures, Parking & Lighting

13” Digital Bus Stop

Connecptoint Inc. has unveiled its new solar-powered Connectpoint® 13 Digital Bus Stop® with the first deployments at Tri-Met in Portland, Ore.
Arv A

3-Ton Hybrid Railbound Crane

Arva Industries’ 3-ton hybrid railbound crane can travel the length of the chassis with 360-degree operation.
Signage and Displays

32” Digital Bus Stop – Information Display Unit

The solar-powered Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop®--available with 10”, 13”, 32” and 42” displays--offers the ability to deliver real-time departure and schedule information and...
Arva Industries
35 Ton Crane 2 Arva Industries
General Maintenance Products

35T Railbound Crane

The crane allows workers to place larger portions of track in one movement.

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