CO: New CDOT Executive Management Positions Named

Sept. 11, 2014
The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has named four individuals who will fill top management positions in the department.

The Colorado Department of Transportation issued the following news release:

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has named four individuals who will fill top management positions in the department:

* Chief Engineer: CDOT Regional 2/Southeastern Colorado Director Tim Harris will serve as CDOT's Chief Engineer. Harris is a 31-year CDOT employee who has been a registered engineer in the State of Colorado for more than 25 years. As Chief Engineer, he will be responsible for overseeing the Divisions of Engineering and Maintenance, including all of the department's maintenance operations and engineering functions and construction and consulting contracts.

* Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Ben Stein will continue to serve as CFO for CDOT. As CFO, Stein directs CDOT's Division of Accounting and Finance and is responsible for the overall financial management of CDOT including transaction processing, financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting. Stein has been with CDOT since 2006 as the manager of the Office of Financial Management and Budget and was promoted to CFO in September of 2010. Prior to CDOT, he served for seven years as the deputy treasurer for the State of Colorado, Department of the Treasury.

* Division of Transportation Development (DTD): Debra Perkins-Smith will join CDOT as the Director of the Division of Transportation Development. Perkins-Smith has over 30 years of experience in transportation and environmental planning working for a number of private sector engineering consulting firms on large public projects. As the Director of DTD, Perkins-Smith will be responsible for long-range multimodal transportation planning and grant administration, environmental police and programmatic improvement, project review and compliance, transportation data management and geographical information systems in support of planning and project delivery and research.

* Division of Human Resources and Administration (DORHA): Heidi Bimmerle will continue to serve as Director of DOHRA. Prior to joining CDOT in July of 2010, Bimmerle worked for the past five years at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment as the Director of the Rural Workforce Consortium. She has a background in organizational performance, change management and workforce development, Bimmerle is responsible for such core services as Human Resource Management, Equal Opportunity, Procurement Services, Facility Management and Administrative Services within CDOT.

"I'm excited to see the formation of CDOT's new Executive Management Team start to come together," said CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt. "There is much we want to accomplish and these individuals have the skills and leadership to move CDOT forward in our efforts to improve efficiency and achieve excellence for transportation in Colorado."

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