March 2019 Products: HVAC/Seating

March 12, 2019
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Freedman Seating Company
Freedman Ford Transition Brackets

New transition brackets developed by Freedman Seating Company make it possible to install Freedman 3-point and FMS Eleganza seats onto existing Ford legs in a variety of floor plan configurations. FMVSS tested with 3-point seat belts, this new system allows operators, dealers and OEMs to upgrade their Ford Transit Wagon interior while using existing OEM legs, floor tracks and hardware. Freedman seats + transition bracket kits are shipped assembled for your Ford Transit Wagon.

Freedman Seating Company
Fiberglass Rail Passenger Seat

Freedman Seating Company offers seating solutions for all types of passenger rail vehicles.  Passenger seating products are customized to be specification compliant by our team of design engineers and the seats are proudly made in the USA.  For example, in their newly introduced light rail vehicles the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is using a Freedman Seating seat product in both transverse and longitudinal facing configurations to maximize load capacity while maintaining passenger comfort and interior styling.

USSC Group
Gemini Seat

 Ergonomics and Safety

The Gemini seat was designed using the same ergonomic profile as the bestselling Aries stainless steel seat.

It meets and exceeds all applicable FMVSS and APTA white book requirements.

Reduced capital and operating cost

The Gemini seat uses quick change inserts

The design is modular using the same components for 1PL and 2PL configurations.

The seat is ultra-lightweight with common inserts throughout the bus and is great fit for e-drive applications for reduced weight and improved distance

Maximized optionality

The seat is available in slim flip or standard configurations to maximize ADA securement zones.

The seat is offered in single and double forward-facing flip arrangements.

USSC Group
G2A Evolution seat

A suspension that is rated at 650 lbs. with a lift capacity of 500 lbs. This prevents the seat from bottoming out while operating over rough road surfaces (common in NYC). This also prevents operator back injury and discomfort.

 Slides under the suspension – this provides a “centered” ride for the operator and avoids the “diving board” affect which occurs if the seat bottom is extended beyond the suspension.

A 3-point ELR dual retractor designed for comfort and capacity. Capacity is set so that the operator will never require a seat belt extender. The dual retractor design of the 3-point belt enables a lower “G-force set point” on the shoulder which prevents lock up and improves comfort. Our seat belt utilizes Ready Reach and Komfort Latch technology to improve comfort and remove pressure from the operator’s shoulder during operation.

A bottom cushion with full extension to accommodate operators with longer legs and a full tilt cushion to relieve pressure on the inside of the knees.

Options that include a full back with integrated head rest or a mid-back with an adjustable headrest.

  • Heating/Cooling option available
  • Maintenance kits to standardize rebuild procedures and minimize SKUs

USSC Group

Aries Seating

Ergonomics and Safety

All stainless-steel construction

Narrow profile design allows best in class hip to knee clearance to maximize capacity and comfort.

The Aries seat meets and exceeds all applicable FMVSS and APTA white book requirements.

Reduced Capital and Operating Cost

The Aries seat uses quick change inserts that require no special tools for removal

Heavy duty construction designed to minimize life cycle costing

Maximized Optionality

The Aries is available in slim flip or standard configurations to maximize ADA securement zones.

The Aries is offered in single and double forward-facing flip arrangements.

Transflor Meta/Chroma

Altro Transflor Meta and Chroma have been revitalized. Now our lightest ever bus products, with no compromise on safety– and we've added new colors.

Aggregates blended throughout the wear layer provide exceptional sustained slip resistance for the life of the product

Installation is now easier than ever before – not only have we cut the weight, our Meta and Chroma products are available in a self-adhesive solution and through our cutting service, can be supplied in convenient kits.

We have been supplying high-quality transport flooring for the global transport market for almost 70 years, creating and supplying innovative products to operators, original equipment manufacturers, transport designers and refurbishers all over the world.