VTA and Google Team Up on Transportation Study

Nov. 9, 2015

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and Google Inc. have entered into a cooperative agreement to conceptually study a range of transportation options to better connect the North Bayshore area in Mountain View, California with adjacent local and regional public transportation networks.

In the coming years the North Bayshore area is expected to add thousands of new jobs, including the potential development of retail spaces and residential units. Study goals include reducing single occupant vehicle trips and expanding public travel choices.

“The North Bayshore area has the potential to be a world class example of mixed use and corporate enterprise,” said Mountain View Mayor John McAlister. “It is exciting to see Google working with the Valley Transportation Authority and the city of Mountain View to make sure that footprint will be sensitive to our environment.”

 The study will include an analysis of possible mass transit connections to the North Bayshore area, including a light rail connection from the NASA / Bayshore station, new bridge crossings over Stevens Creek, and the development and/or application of new technologies.

The study will result in a set of near, mid- and long-term recommendations for further study designed ultimately to lead to the implementation of projects, programs and services. 

Valley Transportation Authority Board Chair Perry Woodward said, “VTA is the expert in transportation planning, and we’re proud to work with a visionary like Google on improving the transit landscape.”

 VTA and Google, along with the city of Mountain View and neighboring cities, share a mutual interest in finding creative solutions to transportation issues in this area. This is an innovative partnership that VTA and Google hope ushers in a paradigm in public/private partnerships.