Derbyshire Community Welcomes New Body Cameras

Aug. 23, 2011
Locals and police officers praise RS2 body worn cameras for making Alvaston and Boulton a safer place. The cameras are currently being worn by police officers on patrol to prevent anti-social behavior.

Boulton Neighborhood Board funded the RS2 cameras, which were purchased from Reveal Media. Thelma Bradshaw, who is a member of the Boulton Neighborhood Board, which funded the cameras, said: "I think it is a great idea. We decided to fund them because of the problems we were having with groups of youths – they are a great deterrent."

The RS2 units, which were officially rolled out at the beginning of the month, attach to officers' chests and are proven to reduce crime.

RS2 cameras were first trialled by Derby police outside Allenton shops. There had been complaints about young people spitting and swearing at shoppers. There had even been reports of threats and racism.

PC Paul Trussell said, "The cameras acted as a great deterrent. We engaged with the youths outside the shop and as soon as they saw we were filming, their behavior improved immediately."

Reveal Media is the company that manufacturers the RS2, which are popular with many officers. They are easy to use and easy to understand, but are sophisticated pieces of police equipment and, more importantly, they work.

"Body-worn cameras can have a significant impact,” said PCSO Kevin Butler. “They can provide officers with evidence that can be used in court to bring about a successful prosecution. The cameras are also a useful tool to prevent crime in the first place.

"If criminals and those intent on causing anti-social behaviour and public order offences know that the police have the ability to film while out on patrol, it will make them think twice about getting involved in criminal behaviour."

Members of the public were asked what they thought of the RS2. Penny Moon, of Alvaston, said: "I think it is a jolly good idea. It gives police more protection. I think police need everything they can get."

Gina Worsford, of Alvaston She said: "It's a brilliant idea. I think it's safer for the police as well."

The RS2 cameras are being used by officers while on patrol.