Community grant will bolster IndyGo recruitment efforts

March 31, 2023
The IAAQLI grant will create a new community recruitment manager who will spearhead efforts to recruit 250 members of minority communities into quality jobs at IndyGo.

The IndyGo Foundation will use a grant it received from the Indianapolis African American Quality of Life Initiative (IAAQLI) to work with IndyGo to recruit 250 members of African American and other minority communities.

The $240,900 grant from IAAQLI will be funded over two years and will also support the creation of a new community recruitment manager, which will be responsible for creating new and innovative hiring strategies to meet the agency’s employment needs. Their efforts will specifically target bus drivers and mechanics.

Currently, IndyGo has a shortage of 150 drivers needed to operate its routes as intended. Additionally, minority populations are impacted by systemic failures that result in lack of access to well-paying jobs with long-term advancement and career potential.

“The employee shortage IndyGo and other transit agencies across the country are experiencing impacts the performance of the entire bus system,” said IndyGo President and CEO Inez Evans. “Filling these open positions while supporting our minority populations will allow IndyGo to improve service reliability and quality of life for residents through employment.”

“This grant presented the unique opportunity to solve several challenges with the same solution,” said IndyGo Foundation Executive Director Emily Meaux. “Connecting African Americans and other minority populations, particularly those served by our nonprofit partners, with rewarding careers at IndyGo will not only benefit the individual and IndyGo, but also all of IndyGo’s riders.”

With the introduction and hiring of IndyGo’s new community recruitment manager position, the agency will build relationships with community-based organizations that serve minority communities, some of which the IndyGo Foundation has an existing relationship with, such as IvyTech, RecycleForce and the Public Action in Correctional Effort. The community recruitment manager will also support IndyGo’s Second Chance hiring initiative, intended to promote re-entry into the workforce and increase the pool of qualified job applicants.