Five Good Things in Transit for May 8

May 8, 2020
Was the force strong this week? Did you spread kindness or say thanks? Take a look at our feel-good line up.

This week’s edition of “Five Good Things” is a bit of a grab bag, but we guarantee, there is something for everyone. If you aim to spread kindness, our first item is for you. Do you like transit-themed dance competitions? You’re covered, as well. Need inspiration for how to do a big event after the pandemic lifts? We have a suggestion for you. And Star Wars fans, this was a punny week for you.  

We always like kicking things off with an expression of gratitude. These are always sweeter when they originate from the community in which a system operates.

Next, an entry from abroad: London, where Go-Ahead London bus drivers managed to maneuver their vehicles into a sign of support for the country’s National Health Service. Anyone see this being incorporated into a team driving event at a future Bus Rodeo? 

Who TikTok’d better: Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District or Metropolitan Transportation Authority? The winner is…you, who gets to see both well executed videos.

Grand openings usually involve speeches, dignitaries and ceremonial scissors cutting long strands of ribbon. Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) didn’t read that memo and instead celebrated the opening of the Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center at LaVilla with a bus breaking through a banner.

There were a lot of quality transit memes to celebrate May 4 that also spread positive messages throughout the galaxy. We’ve cherry-picked a few for you.

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