Five Good Things in Transit for May 1

May 1, 2020
Times are tough, but not all news is bad. We’ve found a few items that we hope help get your weekend started on a lighter foot.

“Community” has always been an important tenet of transit providers, but never more so than now. While physical distancing has presented challenges to supporting this ideal, empathy, innovation and the ability to adapt quickly has allowed transit service providers a way to continue to serve their communities beyond transportation.

We begin in Lancaster, Calif., where a subsidiary of Keolis Group has been working with the city and other local organizations to deliver food to residents who can not leave their homes. Project Door Drop provides pre-packaged boxes of food from the LA Food Band to the elderly and immunocompromised within the city of Lancaster. The city says one box is estimated to feed two people for a week.

It’s not only people within communities who may require extra assistance with essentials such as food during this pandemic, but pets, as well. Oklahoma’s Pelivan Transit is also providing donated pet food in addition to in-home meals for seniors.

We’ve gone from the oldest to the furriest in our communities and now focus on the young kids who are missing their friends and school. Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) worked with local organizations to deliver 3,000 Kid Kits full of items to keep young minds engaged.

Not everything delivered during this time is tangible; support and a new way to communicate your message can go a long way. Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) has created a bus to honor the frontline workers who keep their community going. The bus sports a pair of bright eyes and a bus-sized face mask.

“Putting this giant COVID-19 mask on the front of one of our buses is meant to garner attention from the community and our riders as to how important it is to protect ourselves and others from contamination during this pandemic. It is also a salute to VVTA team members on the front lines,” said VVTA Executive Director Kevin Kane.

Support for fellow frontline workers can also help bolster a sense of community. Toronto Transit Commission and Go Transit staff put this concept into action on April 30 by decorating transit vehicles for a parade of Toronto’s hospital row for all frontline healthcare workers.

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