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  • December 2022/January 2023
  • December 2022/January 2023

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    What Can Be Done About Transit’s Supply Chain Challenges?

    Dec. 27, 2022
    As with most challenges, collaboration with various stakeholders will provide a starting point to easing the strain.
    Steve Quismundo, Palm Tran PR
    Palm Tran Connection Service Coordinator Israel Aray helps Bettye-Jane Bonin off a Palm Tran Connection paratransit passenger van that arrived at the Special Needs Evacuation Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022. Bonin was picked up at her home and brought to the shelter hours before Hurricane Nicole was to make landfall on the east coast of Florida.
    Safety & Security

    As Hurricane Nicole Took Aim at Florida, Palm Tran Aided Thousands

    Dec. 27, 2022
    Palm Tran lifted fares and provided more than 5,000 rides, assisting residents in preparing for the storm and evacuating them to shelters.
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    Adobe Stock 320653006
    Hybrid, Hydrogen & Electric Vehicles

    Electrifying Public Transit: Evolving Toward an Electric Bus Fleet

    Dec. 27, 2022
    In a future where EVs become the norm rather than the exception, public transit agencies will face a range of new variables they will need to juggle.
    OC Transpo
    A Confederation Line train shortly before the line opened for revenue service in 2019.

    Ottawa LRT Stage 1: 103 Lessons on Building a Better Rail Line

    Dec. 27, 2022
    A report on the project by an independent provincial commission shed light on the project’s “persistent failures" and has stoked debate about the future of P3 projects.
    Jorge Luna

    Best Practices: Transit Propensity and Community Needs: Providing Insight to Create Equitable Transit Systems

    Dec. 27, 2022
    A seamless regional mobility plan for the Charlotte, N.C., region shows the power of transit propensity analytics

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    Memphis Area Transit Authority
    Gary Rosenfeld

    OP-ED: A Historic Federal Transit Administration Grant Boosts Innovation and Customer Impact

    Dec. 27, 2022
    Leaning into innovation while staying focused on foundational aspects of transit service has resulted in record amounts of federal funding that will further enhance transit in...
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    Editor's Notebook: What got readers attention in 2022

    Dec. 27, 2022
    A year-end look at the magazine’s top stories and how these inform us of what to expect in 2023.
    Cubic Transportation Systems
    A mom traveling while holding her baby and looking at her phone.
    Alt. Mobility

    OP-ED: Closing the accessibility gap with accessibility-first transit systems

    Dec. 27, 2022
    The accessibility gap in transportation will eventually close if accessibility is embraced as a priority, built into future transit solutions and integrated into existing ones...
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    Supplier's Directory


    Nov. 15, 2022
    Vicinity offers a variety of low-floor transit bus models available in EV, CNG and diesel. Designed with an efficient footprint, this range of low floor shuttles and transit buses...