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  • March 2022

    Steamboat Springs
    During the peak winter season, SST nearly doubles the number of bus operators.

    COVID-19 Recovery: Riders are Coming Back but Where are the Drivers?

    March 22, 2022
    While the world is learning to live with COVID-19, agencies are struggling to meet new service demands due to an industry-wide labor shortage.
    A C Line BRT bus drives in downtown Minneapolis, near the Target Center.

    Turning a BRT Line into a Successful Network

    March 22, 2022
    C-TRAN and Metro Transit offer examples of how expanding a BRT line to a network offers a host of opportunities to bring better service, improved efficiency and better cost-effectivenes...
    Sound Transit
    An aerial southern view of the Sound Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility East in Bellevue, WA

    Sound Transit Driving Consensus Against All Odds

    March 22, 2022
    Compromise on this scale should be impossible; fortunately, no one told the project team.
    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    Testing of the Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail project along Florence Avenue in Inglewood, Calif.

    Capital Programs Strike Steady Pace

    March 22, 2022
    Transit agencies with rail networks are continuing investments to maintain, modernize and expand their systems.
    Antero Group
    Marketing played a significant effort in the success of the Connect2Work program. Each marketing touch saw a 10 percent increase in ridership for the program.
    Shared Mobility

    How the Village of Bedford Park and Uber Connect People to Jobs

    March 22, 2022
    Partnering with the private sector generated demand for transit by providing improved last-mile and late-night connections.

    More content from March 2022

    Image courtesy of Busways, Evenergi’s trial partner and Australia’s largest private bus operator.
    Measurement is critical for continual improvement of a zero-emission transition plan.
    Brightline says rail safety education is one of its top priorities. The company has partnered with several organizations to promote safety around railroad crossings.
    Safety & Security

    Editor's Notebook: Jolting awareness into rail crossing safety

    March 22, 2022
    Incident videos can be a jarring, but powerful educational tool in the rail safety arsenal.
    Paul Comfort
    Comfort moderated a general session panel on smart mobility management at the conference.

    Travel Journal: My trip to the top of the world in Dubai

    March 22, 2022
    My biggest lesson was how taxi cabs are effectively used as an integral part of the public transport network in Dubai, transporting more passengers than the public bus system....
    A couple riding the original Cosmo 1 seated scooter.
    Shared Mobility

    OP-ED: We have the funds – now let’s get real about ending car dependency 

    March 22, 2022
    State and local leaders must spend infrastructure funds wisely to turn the corner toward a clean transportation future.
    The Coordinated Mobility Pilot has allowed Battle Creek Transit to demonstrate the feasibility of on-demand transportation in rural and suburban areas with a lower population density than most other service zones.
    Shared Mobility

    On-demand mobility service BCGo proves its value in first year of operation

    March 7, 2022
    BCGo has changed the perception of and increased the adoption of public transportation in Calhoun County, Mich.
    The Clayton Southlake BRT is the first of several projects MARTA hopes to advance as part of its MARTA 2040 program with requested CIG funding.

    Two projects make progress in FTA’s CIG program

    Feb. 28, 2022
    MARTA’s Clayton Southlake BRT, L.A. Metro’s West Santa Ana Transit Corridor project advance into the project development phase.