DC: Infrastructure Week Coalition Adds Three Allies

April 22, 2014
The Infrastructure Week 2014 Steering Committee gained three powerful partners.

The Infrastructure Week 2014 Steering Committee gained three powerful partners including the Organization for International Investment (OFII), a business association representing the U.S. operations of foreign companies; 1776, a business incubator connecting innovative startups in regulated industries with the resources they need to build and grow their companies; and the Value of Water Coalition, members of the public and private sector water industry working together to educate Americans on the challenges facing our nation’s aging water infrastructure.

These three groups join some of the foremost voices in Washington on the committee to lead Infrastructure Week including, the U.S. Council on Competitiveness, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, the National Association of Manufacturers, Building America’s Future, the AFL-CIO, the North America’s Building Trades and the Transportation Trades Department (TTD) of the AFL-CIO.

Together these groups bring unique and powerful perspectives to the ongoing dialogue about the deteriorating condition of our nation’s infrastructure. If such challenges are not solved in a long-term, strategic way, they will have enormous implications on America’s economic prosperity, jobs, and competitiveness. 

“Infrastructure has been one of the key foundations of America’s economic success,” said Nancy McLernon, president and CEO of OFII.  “We are in a global race for job creation and if America is to remain competitive, we must address the infrastructure needs we’ve ignored for years. Closing the infrastructure gap will help the United States attract more foreign direct investment and the well-paying jobs it provides.”

“1776 is thrilled to partner with Infrastructure Week and shine a spotlight on how innovation and young companies can solve our nation’s critical needs for the upcoming century,” said Donna Harris, cofounder of 1776. “1776 is bringing over a dozen fast growing startups to Washington, D.C. during this week who are already tackling these important issues.”

“The Value of Water Coalition is pleased to join in this important initiative,” said Ben Grumbles, the Value of Water Coalition. “Our members are leading organizations responsible for ensuring the safety, reliability and sustainability of our nation’s water and wastewater systems. Most Americans understand water is important but don’t see the infrastructure that supports and sustains communities, businesses, and families. Infrastructure Week provides a great opportunity for us to raise awareness and take action to shift the perception of water infrastructure from invisible to invaluable.”

Infrastructure Week will explore emerging solutions, innovative approaches, and best practices being developed nationwide to modernize aging infrastructure. Daily signature events organized by steering committee members will focus on major infrastructure challenges, including freight and goods movement, passenger transportation, and drinking water and wastewater treatment.

The events will focus on the consequences of inaction and the importance of interconnected infrastructure that provides a safe, secure, and competitive climate for business operations and job creation.

The Steering Committee is also working with affiliate organizations that will hold events throughout the week. Together, through Infrastructure Week 2014, organizations will collectively demonstrate that maintaining the status quo on infrastructure is not acceptable and underscore ways to move forward.