Stay Connected on Capital LRT Line

Dec. 10, 2015

The city of Edmonton has expanded Wi-Fi service to include the Capital Line LRT. Open City Wi-Fi is available on all 15 platform stations on the Capital Line, bringing the total to 82 locations within the Edmonton area.

“We promised that all stations along the Capital Line would be Wi-Fi ready by the end of the year,” said Musse Dese, acting director of customer service and innovation.“Open City Wi-Fi allows our customers to stay connected and be productive while using the LRT.”

An interactive map of Open City Wi-Fi locations can be found online. The city plans to expand the Open City Wi-Fi network in the coming construction year, starting with the Metro LRT stations.

Southgate was the first LRT station to receive Open City Wi-Fi, with the service introduced there earlier this year.

Under the Open City guidance, the city of Edmonton is committed to becoming a connected city, reducing barriers to information and providing access to services through digital networks, connecting people wherever they are.