Luzerne County Transportation Authority launches new mobile fare collection system

Jan. 3, 2023
The new system will significantly increase ease of use for riders, streamlining the process to request and pay for a ticket with a few clicks on a mobile device

Luzerne County Transportation Authority (LCTA) launched its new mobile fare collection system on Jan. 2. Passengers are able to use a Smart Card or a free mobile app called Smart Pay to pay their fare or purchase a pass. LCTA partnered with the mobile fare and data collection system provider Modeshift.

“We’re excited to implement this new mobile fare technology with Modeshift to simplify the ticketing process for our riders who rely on us every day,” said LCTA Executive Director Bob Fiume. “This new mobile ticketing technology eliminates the need to have the exact cash amount and offers our riders an opportunity to purchase a ticket directly from a mobile device or Smart Card linked to their debit or credit card without worrying about having the exact amount of cash on hand.”

LCTA has worked closely with Modeshift to plan, design and implement the mobile ticketing system, which will significantly increase ease of use for riders, streamlining the process to request and pay for a ticket with just a few clicks on a mobile device. The data fare collection solution will also provide LCTA with valuable insights to help optimize transit routes while improving accessibility for riders.

“Our mobile ticketing platform and data fare collection system will dramatically improve ease of use for riders in Luzerne County and simplify back-end operations for LCTA,” said Miroslav Katsarov, CEO of Modeshift. “At Modeshift, we are committed to providing transit agencies with intelligent, user-friendly transportation solutions that improve efficiency and increase ridership.”

Features of the LCTA Smart Pay mobile app and online system will include:

  • Mobile Ticketing - Riders can easily plan their trip and purchase fares through the free Smart Pay app on their cell phones. It is available for both Apple and Android phones.
  • Smart Cards - Riders without a mobile device can request a special reloadable Smart Card from the agency and then link their credit or debit card to their account.
  • Web Portal - Passengers can also access many of the above benefits online, streamlining trip planning and fare purchases.
  • Smart Pay Account - Passengers can create a profile that includes their name and favorite locations within LCTA, view purchase history, buy fares and passes and reload passes.
  • Data Collection - Enables LCTA to optimize its system based on real-time insights, make data driven decisions and save valuable resources.