New Hillsdale Caltrain station opens April 26

April 26, 2021
The new station has been relocated four blocks north of its previous location, between 28th and 31st Avenues.

Caltrain opened a new Hillsdale Station April 26 that now features modern amenities thanks to the 25th Avenue Grade Separation Project.

“Caltrain is turning into the modern rail system the Bay Area deserves and the new Hillsdale Station captures much of what that means,” said Caltrain Board Chair Dev Davis. “It’s safer, more convenient, more accessible, more beautiful and more interconnected with the community around it.”

The new station has been relocated four blocks north of its previous location, between 28th and 31st Avenues. It has an elevated center-boarding platform, allowing for safer, more convenient pedestrian access. It also offers riders on-demand bicycle eLockers and traditional bike racks, two parking lots and six connecting SamTrans routes, making the station a truly multi-modal transit hub.

The project is eliminating the at-grade crossing at 25th Avenue, while building new separated crossings at 28th and 31st Avenues. These improvements eliminate the possibility of pedestrians and vehicles reaching the tracks, improving public safety and eliminating traffic bottlenecks on surrounding streets.

Effective April 26, Caltrain is adjusting both its weekday and weekend schedules to add service for the Hillsdale Station. Hillsdale Station will see service every half hour on weekdays and every hour on weeknights and weekends, while the Belmont Station will receive hourly service on both weekdays and weekends. There will be no other timetable changes. 

Once the Hillsdale Station reopens, the Hillsdale/Belmont Shuttle will be discontinued due to duplication of services, and paid parking at the Belmont Station will resume. Free SamTrans connections for Caltrain riders during the temporary Hillsdale Station closure will no longer be available. Shuttles that serve the Belmont Station during the temporary Hillsdale Station closure will continue until 25th Avenue is reopened in the late summer.

Riders can access the new station at 28th Avenue and the pedestrian underpass while 25th and 31st Avenues are under construction. 

“The Transportation Authority was proud to support this project, as it both helps to improve Caltrain’s operations while also creating clear benefits for the neighboring community,” said TA Board Chair Emily Beach. “This project has been a shining example of collaboration, delivering infrastructure improvements that will benefit our community for decades to come.”