L.A. Metro continues to roll out Thruvision passenger screenings to help keep customers safe

The screening system has most recently been deployed at the Wilshire/Vermont Red Line Station.

La Metro
L.A. Metro

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation System (Metro) will continue to roll out its Thruvision passive passenger screening system on the L.A. Metro System to help keep customers safe, with its most recent deployment at the Wilshire/Vermont Red Line Station.  

The system was purchased by L.A. Metro last year to augment its security presence and is designed to unobtrusively screen individuals for concealed threats. The units can identify both metallic and non-metallic objects and can screen rail and bus patrons without disrupting foot traffic to vehicles.  

Thruvision units can be placed randomly at locations throughout the transit system and are equipped with software that quickly identifies objects that block the naturally occurring waves produced by a person’s body. 

L.A. Metro reiterates that: 

  • There are signs alerting passengers in advance that they will be subjected to a screening and possible inspection. 

  • The system is complemented by an increased presence of law enforcement. Officers are there to provide an additional layer of screening if needed, but their goal is not to physically search or interact in any other way with patrons. Increased law enforcement presence also acts as a visible deterrent that helps keep patrons safe. 

  • The technology does not emit radiation of any kind, so it’s completely safe to use. 

  • No anatomical details are displayed.    

L.A. Metro says it has been steadily improving its system and security initiatives since it transitioned to a multi-agency partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department, L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach Police in 2017. 

The public’s perception of safety has been a key customer concern in past L.A. Metro customer surveys, according to the agency. 

L.A. Metro says it now has more police presence and new security tools on the transit system to help improve the customer experience for all riders. 

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