Sound Transit performing Lynnwood Link Extension pre-revenue testing

June 10, 2024
The agency is working towards finishing up the testing phase on the 8.5-mile-long track before opening on Aug. 30.

The Lynnwood Link Extension project has entered its pre-revenue phase, which will include training for operators and maintenance staff and continued testing to ensure stations, tracks, utilities and vehicles work together as expected in preparation for the start of service on Aug. 30.

“We’re less than three months away from the opening of the Lynnwood extension,” said Sound Transit Board Vice Chair and Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “Each milestone brings us that much closer to fast, reliable light-rail service that Snohomish County residents have been wanting and needing for years. I’m thrilled that we will finally be able to ride Link and enjoy the economic, climate and community benefits that it will bring to the county.”

During the period of testing, light-rail vehicles will be running between the Northgate and Lynnwood City Center stations. 

“With the start of pre-revenue service, the countdown has begun toward opening day for the Lynnwood extension, connecting King and Snohomish counties,” said Sound Transit Board Chair and King County Executive Dow Constantine. “This is an exciting moment for our communities, as we prepare to further expand the green, integrated transit system our region deserves.”

The next phase of testing will be simulated service, which will begin in July. During simulated service, Sound Transit notes all trains will discharge passengers at Northgate and continue to Lynnwood. When the Lynnwood extension opens, trains will run every eight minutes during peak hours.

Stacy Witbeck/Kiewit/Hoffman JV and Skanska Constructors L300 JV are executing the civil construction on the extension. The $3.1 billion project budget includes up to $1.2 billion from a Full Funding Grant Agreement executed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). In addition, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Build America Bureau executed a $658 million low-interest loan supporting the project, including new light-rail vehicles and support facilities. 

The Lynnwood extension will serve all stations in the Sound Transit service zone. In 2016, voters approved the addition of a light-rail station to the Lynnwood Link Extension at NE 130th St. The station is scheduled to open in 2026.