Amtrak selects ADVANCE team for railroad's first delivery partner contract

April 4, 2024
The ADVANCE team will work with Amtrack as a Delivery Partner to manage the $6 billion Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program.

Amtrak has awarded its first-ever “Delivery Partner” contract to ADVANCE – a joint venture between major infrastructure firms AECOM and Jacobs – who will establish an integrated program management team alongside Amtrak’s in-house Capital Delivery department to advance the Program through completion.

The new contract setting will manage the execution of the $6 billion Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program, the company’s single largest capital project. The award follows a competitive procurement process that began in early 2023.

“We’re proud to award this important Delivery Partner contract that will help continue the positive momentum for the Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program,” said Amtrak Executive Vice President of Capital Delivery Laura Mason. “Amtrak has built an industry-leading Capital Delivery department and continues to leverage innovative project delivery approaches like this, as we work to replace and modernize our critical infrastructure assets.”

The Delivery Partner model allows the private partner to share in Amtrak’s risk to deliver the program and is incentivized to help Amtrak achieve overall program outcomes, including design oversight, construction management, contract management and other administrative support, among other tasks.

The ADVANCE team has worked under this model setting before with Delivery Partner and CMAR contracts for rail tunneling and train station projects around the world. The team includes Sener, Turner & Townsend, RailPros, Aldea and Dr. Sauer, as well as 22 additional highly qualified disadvantaged and small business enterprises (DBE/SBE) that will help meet the Delivery Partner’s 14 percent  DBE/SBE goal.

“We’re excited to welcome the ADVANCE team onboard and appreciate the vast experience they’ll bring to our integrated project management team.” said Amtrak Assistant Vice President Luigi Rosa, who is leading the program. “We look forward to introducing some of these new team members at a future community meeting.”