MTA announces 2020-2024 Capital Program projects scheduled for award in 2020

Feb. 28, 2020
The MTA Construction and Development is leveraging construction bundling to deliver major projects faster, better and most cost effectively.

Some of the core projects that will be awarded in 2020 as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) $54.8-billion 2020-2024 Capital Program have been announced by MTA President of Construction and Development Janno Lieber.  

Projects address critical Capital Program priorities such as accessibility, modern resignaling work and system expansion. The new MTA Construction and Development organization will tackle these projects through a new approach, including bundling work, streamlining project management and simplifying designs.  

Work was awarded in January to install modern signaling on the Eighth Avenue ACE line, which serves hundreds of thousands of customers and connects Manhattan’s West Side with Brooklyn and nearly every subway line throughout the system. This signal work is primarily funded in the 2015-2019 Capital Program. The 2020-2024 Capital Program includes funding for additional infrastructure improvements along this corridor that will be executed in tandem with the signal upgrades to further improve service reliability. 

MTA will award contracts this year for full ADA accessibility at 25 stations throughout the network. That includes five stations in the Bronx including one Metro-North station, six stations in Brooklyn, four stations in Manhattan, seven stations in Queens including two Long Island Rail Road stations (LIRR) and three stations on Staten Island. 

Lieber also announced updates and progress on other 2015-2019 projects, including a new connection for Metro-North to Penn Station, a project known as Penn Station Access. 

“We are jump-starting the entire MTA Capital Program and moving these projects forward aggressively,” Lieber said. “This is all in keeping with our commitment to schedule work strategically, and keep our customers and stakeholders informed about our progress.” 

The 2020-2024 Capital Program, approved on January 2, invests $54.8 billion into the region’s subways, buses, railroads and the authority’s nine vehicular bridges and tunnels over the next five years to institutionalize and build on the progress of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Subway Action Plan and create a faster, more accessible and more reliable public transportation system. This historic plan – which represents by far the largest investment in MTA history – includes more than $40 billion in New York City Transit’s (NYCT) subways and buses including crucial signal upgrades on six line segments and expanding accessibility in the subway and Staten Island Railway systems. 

A detailed project list is available on MTA’s website.  

Major commitments scheduled for 2020, out of both the 2020-2024 Capital Program and prior programs, include: 

2020 First Quarter: $2.4 billion 

  • Signal modernization on Eighth Avenue Line ACE (awarded) 
  • Penn Station-33 St Corridor, Phase 1 (awarded) 
  • ADA accessibility at Livonia Av L (awarded) 
  • Purchase of 558 buses 
  • Metro-North Harlem River Lift Bridge 
  • LIRR Expansion (Third Track) (awarded final project scope) 
  • Central Business District Tolling 

2020 Second Quarter: $2.8 billion 

  • Penn Station-33rd Street Corridor, Phase 2 
  • Improvements to overhead rail power wires in western Queens in support of East Side Access and regional rail 
  • ADA accessibility at four stations in the Bronx, including 149 St-Grand Concourse 4, 149 St-Grand Concourse 25, Tremont Av BD and Westchester Square-East Tremont Av 6 
  • Elevator and escalator improvements at 11 stations 
  • Infrastructure repairs on the 2345 line in Brooklyn 
  • Communication network upgrades at select subway stations 
  • New rolling stock 
  • Work hybrid locomotives for NYCT 
  • LIRR train cars and service locomotives 
  • New Elmont LIRR station 
  • Traction power and signaling upgrades on LIRR lines 

2020 Third Quarter: $4.0 billion 

  • ADA accessibility at 30 stations (full list available on MTA’s website) 
  • NYCT station renewal and component repairs, including: 
  • Six station renewals on the Flushing Line 7 
  • Four station renewals on the Jamaica Line JZ 
  • NYCT line equipment rehabilitation 
  • Sandy Repairs: rehabilitation of the 6 Av Line F's East River tunnel (Rutgers Tube) 
  • LIRR signal modernization, Babylon to Patchogue 
  • Replacement of two LIRR bridges 

2020 Fourth Quarter: $4.3 billion 

  • Metro-North Penn Station Access 
  • Second Avenue Subway Phase II (initial commitment) 
  • ADA accessibility at four stations including 68 St-Hunter College 6, Bay Ridge-95 St R, Court Square G and Mosholu Parkway 4 
  • Installation of modernized signals on the Queens Boulevard Line East EF line 
  • Infrastructure improvements on the Eighth Avenue ACE line, in coordination with signal modernization 
  • NYCsubway line structure painting 
  • New substation at Canal St / 8 Av 
  • Purchase 98 buses (23 express and 75 electric) and electrification of six bus depots 
  • Automated Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) 
  • Grand Central Terminal Trainshed 
  • Sandy resiliency at West Side Yard and East River Tunnel 
  • Painting at RFK Bridge