TX: Bytemark to Develop Official Mobile Ticketing System for Capital Metro

May 29, 2013
Bytemark announced plans to develop an official mobile ticketing system for Austin’s Capital Metro.

Bytemark announced plans to develop an official mobile ticketing system for Austin’s Capital Metro

The mobile ticketing system, developed by New York City-based startup Bytemark, will allow riders the opportunity to avoid lines at the ticket vending machines and will eliminate the need for cash to purchase transit fares — essentially turning an Apple, Android or Windows mobile device into a transit pass.

In addition to the consumer facing mobile application, Bytemark will provide a state of the
art user management platform solution and backend reporting system that will allow Capital
Metro administrators to better manage transit offerings and meet their customers’ needs.

“Bytemark is thrilled to have an opportunity to partner with Capital Metro to offer a cutting edge
mobile ticketing solution for its customers,” said Micah Bergdale, Bytemark CEO. “We recognize that the Austin area is a leader in the United States when it comes to innovation, entrepreneurship and bringing together the national and global tech communities at events like SXSW. We are proud to have been selected to offer Bytemark’s patented mobile ticketing solution to a forward-thinking organization like Capital Metro.”

Capital Metro issued a Request for Proposal on Jan. 8 and received six proposals from U.S. and European firms. Proposals were scored based on the following criteria: Qualifications and performance of the firm, technical approach, and qualifications of the project team members. Bytemark was rated highest when all factors were considered.

“This app is just one more way Capital Metro is bringing public transit into the future and using technology to create a transit system that is relevant to how people live today,” said Dan Dawson, vice president of marketing and communications for Capital Metro. “The app will give customers new ways to plan a trip, access real time arrival information, and buy tickets without having to order them online or go to the transit store. And by using the app, customers will never need to use exact change again.”

Features of the new Capital Metro app include:

• The ability to use the app and a credit card to purchase and store passes in advance.
Passes can be activated at the rider’s convenience. To use, riders simply show their phone
screen to the bus operator or scan their barcode enabled ticket upon entry.

• The app meets all Payment Card Industry security standards and will accept Discover Card,
Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments.

• The app gives access to Capital Metro’s mobile trip planner, service alerts, maps and schedules – everything a rider needs to ride is available right on the mobile device.

• Multiple passes can be purchased on one device for a group, for example, a family traveling

• The app produces a visually-verifiable virtual (V3) animated screen and includes several levels
of security. The bus operator or rail fare inspector may request the rider to touch the screen as
a further validation, which will activate a visual change to the screen.

• The security features embedded in tickets will cut down on fare evasion and provide cost
savings to Capital Metro.

• A Smart Tile Home Screen, which provides the user with the most relevant content based on
their settings and use history.