Continental Introduces New Features to Adjustable Dashboard

Oct. 5, 2011

Continental introduces the new ergonomic Driver's Workplace. 

"It's a fully adjustable dashboard," said Matthew Williams, Continental key account manager. "The new design incorporates a flexible instrument cluster, so you can have a traditional gauge panel, or you can have a single 10-inch display that can be programmed to give the driver as little or a much information as you want."

The newly introduced screen provides multiple views of different items, including a speedometer, and multiple camera views.

The Continental Driver's Workplace switch layout is configurable per customer requirements - even the color is customizable. 

"You can have it so it can interface with the multiplex system. You can have it so that when I turn on the lights, it can be programmed to also show the camera view; however the city wants to do it. You can get as creative as you want," said Williams.

The dashboard is currently implemented by Design Line, and many European companies.

"These meet the ergonomic adjustment requirement for European vehicles," said Williams.

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