Mass Transit Supplement: Best Practices - Zero-Emission Fleets

March 24, 2020
Answering questions about zero-emission fleets.

Many transit agencies today are interested in adding zero-emission buses to their fleets for a variety of reasons. A recent survey of our transit agency readers indicated more than 87 percent of respondents currently have low or zero-emission vehicles, have a plan to integrate them or they are exploring the options to integrate.

Different types of fuel and propulsion systems are being developed to achieve zero-emission public transportation, including renewable natural gas (RNG), battery electric technology and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Finding what type of zero-emission technology is best for your agency takes some time and research on topics such as infrastructure planning, charge management, route planning and driver and maintenance training.

Whether it’s through a state mandate, an agency-driven plan or an effort to provide a more sustainable future, there are many elements for transit agencies to consider when looking to add zero-emission technology to their fleet. The articles in this supplement will help answer some of your questions as you transition to zero-emission technology for your transit agency.    

Emily Guill, Publisher

Mass Transit Magazine