2020 Mobility Outlook

Feb. 14, 2020
Transit agency subscribers were surveyed last fall about equipment, maintenance and other trends; the results are presented in an effort to provide insight into what 2020 may bring.

One question nearly everyone wants answered regardless of the situation is “what is going to happen?”

Predicting business cycles is an imperfect art form, especially when those cycles are subject to city, state and federal attitudes that can impact budgets year-over-year. However, understanding macro trends can help businesses plan and take advantage of potential opportunities.

Mass Transit queried our transit agency subscribers during the fall of 2019 with a survey asking everything from the size of the communities they serve to where their organizations are with the adoption of data-driven techniques.

We can’t ask every question of every provider, but we believe the data found within this survey offers valuable insight to mobility providers and the industry that supports these providers.