Allison Transmission, IndyGo partner to bring electric hybrid buses to Indianapolis public transit

July 14, 2021
This electric hybrid propulsion system works to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Allison Transmission, in partnership with Cummins and GILLIG, has delivered 24 electric hybrid buses to IndyGo. 

Allison’s H 40 EPTM electric hybrid propulsion system is paired with the Cummins B6.7 in GILLIG buses. This system improves fuel consumption by up to 25 percent versus a conventional diesel bus and reduces CO2 emissions, helping to protect the environment. 

In addition, beginning in 2022, Allison’s next generation eGen Flex™ electric hybrid system with geofence technology will be integrated into three of IndyGo’s new buses, providing full electric operation for up to 10 miles, multiple times per route, depending on the duty cycle. This will enable IndyGo buses to eliminate engine emissions and noise by operating the bus with the engine off when the bus is stopped for loading and unloading passengers at bus stops and in dense pedestrian areas, as well as when moving through zero emission zones and bus depots. 

“Given the constant evolution, high capital expenses associated with charging infrastructure and other quality and reliability concerns, many transit properties across the country are struggling to implement fully electric solutions for their fleets. The Allison eGen Flex is a viable, reliable option that allows fleets to protect the environment and improve ridership experience right now,” said Rohan Barua, vice president of North America Sales, Global Channel and Aftermarket at Allison Transmission. “We are proud to deliver this revolutionary solution to IndyGo right here in Indianapolis.” 

The Allison eGen Flex propulsion system is a solution that provides fleets with full electric capability when required, as well as the ability to operate in hybrid mode when needed for longer routes, unplanned congestion or an inability to recharge due to power grid challenges, as it does not require any external charging source for its operation. With the eGen Flex, Allison says it has created a solution that can automatically and seamlessly pass through “Zero Emission Zones” by transitioning between electric and diesel engine propulsion. 

“[eGen Flex] helps IndyGo achieve its goal to become a clean fleet or near-zero emission fleet,” said Inez Evans, IndyGo president and CEO. “As we move toward that goal, eGen Flex gives us a solution that will still provide the mileage range that a diesel bus would offer so we can also meet all of our service needs. This will help reduce our carbon footprint and meet that near-zero emission footprint we are striving for.” 

Through its partnership with GILLIG, IndyGo will be a lead fleet partner for Allison’s new electric hybrid propulsion product, demonstrating IndyGo’s commitment to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, enhancing quality of life in their community and protecting the environment.