IndyGo Red Line ridership reaches nearly quarter million in September

Nov. 1, 2019
Total system ridership is up 30 percent over the past month and adjustments will continuously be implemented to improve the Red Line service.

IndyGo announced the Red Line was boarded 230,651 during the month of September, with total system ridership up 30 percent over the last month.  

To help continuously improve the Red Line’s reliability, schedule adjustments and additional layover times at both ends of the rapid portion of the route are being incorporated to improve on-time performance. 

With the new route changes in effect Oct. 27, Red Line buses have continued service north of the 66th Street Station to 96th Street and south of the University Station to Greenwood Park Mall. These north and south extensions have been traveling on a 20-minute frequency, and passengers have been encouraged to look at the destination signs on the front of the bus when traveling beyond 66th Street and University stations. 

Last month, the board of directors approved an extension of free fares through Nov. 10 due to delays in full functionality of MyKey fare vending machines. Fare collection is still expected to begin on Nov. 11. However, if the vendor fails to deliver on upcoming deadlines inclusive of time for adequate public communication, IndyGo staff has the authority to extend the free fare period. 

A temporary solution is being deployed at the fare vending machines until the account-based, reloadable card and mobile app functionality is available. The ticket vending machines will vend three options for riders paying with both cash and card. The options include a 2-Hour Transfer Ticket, a Day Pass and a 7-Day Pass. Half-fare options will be available for the 2-Hour Transfer Ticket and the Day Pass.