JTA begins bus stop upgrade project

March 4, 2024
Throughout the JTA system, 111 bus stops will be impacted by the multi-phase bus stop transformation project.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) will be launching a phased bus stop upgrade project, with the goal of enhancing 111 bus stops across northwest Jacksonville, Fla., including 17 key stops along Soutel Drive.

The project will include the installation of improved shelters, enhanced lighting for safety, bike racks, real-time messaging systems to facilitate easier trip planning and art elements that will celebrate the identity of each neighborhood.

The first phase of improvements will replace 60 of the concrete bus pads, bring them up to ADA compliance and enlarge them when feasible to accommodate upgraded amenities. The subsequent phases of improvements will be implemented over several years with input from the communities.

Local resources and talent will be recruited for this project, promising to create new job opportunities within Jacksonville. The JTA will collaborate with Elton Alan, a certified Local Small Business Enterprise (LSBE), to support LSBE contractors. According to a UNF planning study, the initiative is estimated to produce a local economic benefit of $23.6 million.

The project is backed by $13.9 million from the Local Option Gas Tax II and is part of the larger MobilityWorks 2.0 program, which will invest in northeast Florida’s mobility infrastructure during the next 30 years.

“We’re excited to put shovels in the ground and get to work on the first of our MobilityWorks 2.0 projects,” said JTA CEO Nat Ford. “Beyond providing top-notch amenities to our patrons at these bus stops, we hope that by partnering with local small businesses and incorporating artscapes into the design, these bus stops will provide local economic benefits and become a part of the community identity.”