MTA launches pilot of wheelchair securement device

July 27, 2023
The Quantum Self Securement Station will be installed on 10 buses and be evaluated as part of a six-month pilot.

The Quantum Self Securement Station from Q’Straint is being piloted on 10 buses along the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) M7 route. The six-month pilot will test the automated wheelchair securement device, which streamlines the boarding and securement process.

“We are excited to test this new automated technology that can greatly improve the commuting experience of passengers who use wheelchairs,” said New York City Transit President Richard Davey. “It allows customers to board and secure themselves more quickly and effortlessly while requiring minimal to no assistance from the bus operator – promoting independence and autonomy over their own journey.”

The M7 route serves a high-volume of mobility device users. MTA says it will finish installation on the 10 buses to be outfitted with the system by the end of next week. Customers will be able to know if their bus has Quantum by a decal on the side of the bus near the front-boarding door. There will be one Quantum Self Securement Station on each of the 10 buses. Passengers will still have the option to use the traditional four-point securement with the assistance of a bus operator, if preferred. Whichever method a customer chooses, the bus operator will be available to help.

“This is just the latest innovation to improve the accessibility and customer experience for our bus riders," said MTA Chief Accessibility Officer and Senior Advisor Quemuel Arroyo. “Independence has long been the top priority of the disability community, and I’m very happy to be testing a new product that can help our customers in wheelchairs ride more independently.”

The MTA will be collecting customer and operator feedback on their experiences with Quantum, as well as the operation and maintenance costs of the system. Data and feedback collected during the pilot will be used to determine whether the pilot is extended and whether to further invest in new securement technologies.

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