PSTA introduces new essential workers program

April 28, 2020
PSTA is working to offer essential employees curb to curb rides from Uber, United Taxi or Care ride.

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has created a new program to get essential workers to their job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is for essential businesses whose employees rely on the bus, but because of either expanded hours of business or less service hours on PSTA bus service, the employees are no longer able to get to and from work by riding the bus. PSTA says it will work to get these employees curb to curb rides to and from work on either Uber, United Taxi or Care ride.

“We have all been impacted in some shape or form due to this pandemic, but there are essential workers who still need to get to work who rely on us to get them there,” said Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA. “This program will help those workers still get to their jobs so they can continue making the critical items needed to fight this virus.”

PSTA is currently working with businesses who are making tamper seals for flu tests and manufacturing ventilator masks. PSTA says it is encouraging all interested businesses or employees to contact PSTA by email.