Mountain View Transit Association partners with Waze Carpool

July 18, 2019

Through a new, six-month pilot program, Mountain View Transportation Association and Waze Carpool will partner together to offer riders more affordable commuting options.

Commuters can follow this link on their mobile phone to get a discounted, flat rate of $2 per carpool ride. new riders who sign up through that link will receive $20 credit, and new drivers will receive $20 cash once it's been verified that they've completed at least one ride and have met Waze Carpool's criteria.

Waze Carpool connects drivers and passengers with similar destinations by pairing them together to share commutes on the most optimal routes. Through the Waze Carpool app, users can choose a rider or driver based on their personal profile and select filters, including gender, coworker or classmate, and proximity to a preferred route. Waze Carpool users can choose which days and times they want to carpool and schedule rides up to seven days in advance.

“Rush hour traffic is a big issue for many who work and live in Mountain View, and MVgo is committed to diversifying its transit offerings so that everyone can conveniently and affordably commute to and from their jobs,” said Janice Yuen, MTMA board chair and COO of commercial division at Sares Regis Group of Northern California. “We’re excited to partner with Waze Carpool and add their easy-to-use carpool program to our list of services to make the daily commute easier for Mountain View’s workforce.”

Drivers who ride alone are encouraged to make the switch to carpooling and consider more sustainable commute alternatives. Users can download Waze for drivers and Waze Carpool for riders on iOS or Android.

“It’s an important time to reevaluate our transportation options in Silicon Valley and the neighboring Bay Area, especially given the heavy increase in congestion,” said Waze Carpool Strategic Partner Manager Steven Lemeshow. “We’re thrilled to partner with the Mountain View Transportation Management Association and their community of members to provide an easy and fun way for commuters to choose who they carpool with while saving time and money."

MVgo also offers a list of local commuter services, including its popular shared shuttle service and the new Mid-Day Mobility Program, which is being extended an additional six months past its initial three-month trial following positive responses from riders. The program offers riders discounts of up to $5 on up to 10 shared trips with Lyft or Uber starting or ending in Mountain View between 10 am and 3 pm. To take advantage of the discount, riders must request a shared ride from Lyft or Uber and enter the promo code “MVGO2019X” when prompted.

MVgo’s free shuttles are available for public use during commute hours at clearly identifiable bus stops. The shuttles are funded by MTMA’s Board Member companies, with some grant funding from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. MVgo’s routes and bus schedules can be found on MTMA’s website at, in addition to the RIDEMVGO app for iOS and Android.