Hayden AI launches double parking enforcement solution

April 12, 2024
The new technology will help to reduce safety hazards as a result of double-parking using AI technology.

Hayden AI has launched a new automated double parking enforcement product as a part of its vision Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. Utilizing the same hardware and AI technology as the company’s automated bus lane, bus stop and bike lane enforcement platform, this new application of the technology is designed to improve road safety and public transit performance by reducing instances of illegal double parking through highly accurate and scalable enforcement. 

Double parking creates major issues for road safety and public transit. When drivers illegally block a travel lane parallel to legally parked vehicles, they force buses, other vehicles and cyclists to maneuver around the stopped vehicle, increasing the likelihood of crashes and causing significant travel delays. Moreover, double parking also creates challenges for legally parked vehicles that cannot leave when needed. 

Automated double-parking enforcement gives transit and other agencies an additional tool to improve bus performance and road safety for everyone. By utilizing the Hayden AI technology already installed on buses for automated bus lane, bus stop and bike lane enforcement, agencies can seamlessly and automatically detect and enforce illegal double-parking violations at scale. 

“All it takes is one double parked vehicle to create a traffic hazard and delay multiple buses — and the people relying on those buses to reach their jobs and appointments on time,” said Chris Carson, founder and CEO of Hayden AI. “Our vision AI platform is designed to improve transit performance and road safety, and reducing double parking is a huge part of that. I’m thrilled that we are adding automated double-parking enforcement to our vision AI platform.”