Preteckt, Trapeze Group collaborate on automated predictive maintenance platform for transit industry

April 9, 2024
The partnership will help transit vehicle maintenance groups to assess and detect maintenance issues before they cause any inefficiencies or failures in the vehicle.

Preteckt has teamed up with Trapeze to put out a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-predictive maintenance software to streamline processes and empower maintenance teams. The joint initiative integrates Preteckt’s AI-driven vehicle prognostics with Trapeze’s enterprise asset management software to create a fully automated predictive maintenance solution.

Agencies will now be able to prevent catastrophic failures from occurring by providing predictive maintenance plans diagnosing issues, as well as filing work orders from a single system.

“Preteckt is always looking for partners to work with to ensure customer needs can be met with innovative solutions," said Krish Inbarajan, CEO, Preteckt. "This is an industry first solution driven by the need from joint customers to ensure a cohesive solution is provided in partnership with Trapeze EAM. This EAM team is open and really cooperative to work with and we look forward to working closely together in the future.”

“Through our collaboration with Preteckt, customers can go beyond preventative maintenance using big data and AI insights to prevent failures," said Steve Sawyer, general manager, Trapeze EAM. "The best part is technicians can access the information from the EAM system they know.”