Hayden AI, Snapper Services partner to enhance transit data analysis

March 27, 2024
The new partnership will work to provide transit agencies with optimized data that will improve safety and efficiency within the transit system.

Hayden AI and Snapper Services have partnered to enhance data analysis for public transport providers by leveraging Hayden AI’s mobile perception platform installed on buses for transit zone enforcement and Mosaiq Insights, Snapper’s analytics platform. The partnership will help to unlock insights for transit agencies from new and existing data sources. 

Both companies specialize in delivering actionable data intelligence for transport authorities. Hayden AI’s platform has demonstrated success in improving road safety, transit reliability, transportation accessibility for people with disabilities and sustainability. Snapper’s Mosaiq platform is utilized by transport providers to understand trends impacting punctuality and service delivery.  

“Hayden AI’s vision AI platform gives transit agencies a highly location-accurate understanding of where illegal parking obstructions of bus lanes and bus stops occur,” said Chris Carson, founder and CEO of Hayden AI. “We’re excited to take that understanding a level deeper with Mosaiq’s analysis tools. Through this partnership, we can show our customers how illegal parking events impact transit service – and how changes in driver behavior resulting in fewer illegal parking events improves service reliability and road safety.” 

“Mosaiq Insights does the heavy lifting to analyze on-time performance, then presents it back in intuitive dashboards to help transit authorities and operators pinpoint the highest priority areas for improvement in their network," said Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper Services. "Mosaiq makes it easy for transit authorities and operators to understand where delays and early running are happening. By partnering with Hayden AI, we are empowering analysts to discover why those delays are occurring, so they can take meaningful steps to improve the passenger experience."