APTA TRANSform 2022: Vontas renames transit technology platform as Vontas OnTransit

Oct. 12, 2022
Vontas says the platform decreases agency training efforts, employee onboarding time and simplifies complex system operations using human-centered product designs. 

Vontas unveiled a modernization and renaming of its suite of transit technology solutions at the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) TRANSform 2022 Conference, held in Seattle, Wash., Oct. 9-12. The new name, Vontas OnTransit, meets the growing needs of the North American market and is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution which decreases agency training efforts, employee onboarding time and simplifies complex system operations using human-centered product designs. 

"Our customers asked, and we listened. We created Vontas OnTransit to be the most agile, adaptable solution on the market," said Peter Aczel, general manager, Vontas. "It's a hub for an integrated, componentized system that saves agencies money. Only implement what you need and add components as your agency and transit offerings grow."

Vontas OnTransit eliminates vendor lock-in and proprietary integrations with industry standard APIs for both in-vehicle equipment and back-office software solutions. Transit agencies and operators can specify ITxPT certified functionality when purchasing new or upgrading their systems, reducing integration costs, and increasing deployment speed.

Vontas OnTransit gives agencies the option of cloud or on-premise deployment with significant improvement the "time-to-value" for new components, features, and product releases. Employees are no longer tied to the desk; they can access the solution from any device with an internet connection. With our solution you can access your most critical operations data at home, on the road, or in the office with cross platform solutions for maximum flexibility.  

Vontas OnTransit improves efficiency with role-based workflows that help employees quickly focus and consume the information they need to do their jobs. "Personalizing each user's experience with what's important; screens, fields, and workflows tailored for each person, role, team, or process, that's how people get things done," said Aczel. "We understand that hiring and maintaining great staff is a major focus for our customers. Therefore, we also want to ensure that new operators feel confident learning the systems, which is why OnTransit provides straightforward training for operators on vehicles, in maintenance, and in the dispatch center."

Arrival prediction and service disruption features have been improved in Vontas OnTransit so agencies have no need for a third party vendor for those features. Real-time data, combined with the history of the vehicle's position, provides both your riders and operations team with the most up-to-date arrival predictions possible.

Core components of Vontas OnTransit include:

  • Vontas OnRoute for bus ITS
  • Vontas OnTrack for rail ITS
  • Vontas OnSite for Yard Management
  • Vontas OnBoard for payment and ticketing.