Esri and Trapeze collaborating on integrated data platform

April 1, 2021
The partnership is designed to allow transit agencies to access the data required to efficiently schedule their services.

Esri and Trapeze Group have formed a strategic collaboration to offer transit agencies integrated solutions that elevate collaboration and productivity among transit agencies, ultimately improving the quality-of-service agencies provide to their communities. 

Today, when transit agencies want to leverage their data to make key business decisions, they need to utilize multiple systems in many departments. This makes the retrieval of data inconsistent, manual and error-prone. Thanks to Trapeze and Esri’s partnership, transit agencies can now have one central transit platform to eliminate these inefficiencies and gain better insights into their operations, with capabilities, such as:  

  • Embedding city GIS and demographics data into scheduling and planning systems. 
  • Incorporating city traffic, road closures and detour information into planning and scheduling, fixed route CAD/AVL and mobility-on-demand solutions. 
  • Understanding people movement patterns and mobility preferences.
  • Geolocation and visualization of linear systems or fixed assets, such as stop amenities.
  • Delivering community collaboration tools for transit and consolidating engagement for all city services under the ArcGIS Hub platform.

Having capabilities like these in one platform means transit agencies can have an efficient, easy-to-use solution to access the important data they need to plan and run their transit systems for the future. 

“Esri has studied many transit agencies and most often found fractured technical and business environments. Typical characteristics include numerous point solutions for both transit business needs and spatially based data and analytics work. Our partnership with Trapeze brings the most efficient, effective, comprehensive, integrated and open technical business environment for public transit agencies,” said Gary Waters, director of Transportation, Esri. 

“For many years, enterprise integration has been at the core of what we do at Trapeze. It’s about more than ensuring data moves from one place to another. It’s about enabling a higher level of productivity and performance within an agency, driven by simplified business processes,” said Roger Helmy, chief of Product, Trapeze Group. "Our partnership with Esri allows us to take this to the next level. With Esri as the global leader in GIS, many of the cities we serve are already leveraging their platform. By embedding their technology into Trapeze solutions, our customers will be able to eliminate significant manual work and coordination, eliminate error prone processes and obtain a singular source of data truth across numerous functions in transit.”