C-TRAN expanding Hop Fastpass to C-VAN riders

Oct. 28, 2020
C-VAN paratransit riders will be able to utilize the contactless fare option beginning Nov. 1.

On Nov. 1, the Clark County Public Transit Benefit Area (C-TRAN) will extend the region’s Hop Fastpass® contactless fare payment system to include C-VAN paratransit service. C-VAN riders no longer need to worry about handling cash fares as they can utilize contactless payments available to their fixed-route counterparts.  

The electronic fare system created by INIT is a regional, account-based system shared by TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar and provides cross-state services within the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region.

The Hop Fastpass® will allow C-VAN riders to easily load value to their cards using the auto-load feature. Once the card is registered, its value is protected even if the card becomes lost or stolen. Riders enjoy no-touch payments, account management anywhere and at any time and faster boardings thanks to real-time fare processing. Once implemented, paratransit riders can simply tap and ride C-VAN.

“We are excited to extend the benefits of the Hop Fastpass to our paratransit customers. No-touch payments are safe, easy and efficient for everyone,” said C-TRAN CEO Shawn M. Donaghy.

INIT explains the move by C-TRAN to expand and include additional services speaks to the flexibility and convenience of a multi-client fare structure. The company notes smaller surrounding agencies could be added in the future giving riders access to experience all the benefits of a best-in-class fare collection system without the high cost of setup or long-term project management.

“The extension of the Hop Fastpass® fare system to C-VAN riders allows them to enjoy safer accessibility to public transit through contactless tap-and-go fares. This move promotes travel continuity throughout the area using one regional fare card,” INIT included in a press release.

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