InnoTrans 2018: HaCon Presents Smart Digital Services and Solutions for Transport Companies

Sept. 4, 2018
HaCon and eos.uptrade look forward to sharing their latest developments and projects with InnoTrans visitors from September 18th to the 21st.

HaCon and eos.uptrade look forward to sharing their latest developments and projects with InnoTrans visitors from September 18th to the 21st. The international trade show for transport technology will be providing the stage for industry innovators in the areas of digital passenger information, ticketing and trip planning.

One of HaCon’s most anticipated product premiers will be TPS Online: The new member of the TPS family has specifically been developed for ad-hoc train disposition that controls and optimizes everyday rail operations. Short-term disruptions such as delays, broken shunting points or signaling systems can be processed in real time. TPS Online detects conflicts that have an impact on the entire railway network and offers automatic, semi-automatic, and manual conflict resolutions. As a result, dispatchers can now immediately respond to disturbances, for example by advising trains to wait for each other, by redirecting them or by scheduling a change of track.

As an advanced platform for Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the HAFAS Mobility Marketplace allows intermodal trip planning and integrated ticketing in several countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and the United States. In addition to public transport connections, the platform factors in car sharing offers, taxis, bike rental stations, private cars and bikes as well as park & ride and bike & ride options. Recently, HaCon has integrated demand-responsive transport, so-called DRT services, into another system: Under the lead of Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) and in cooperation with Denmark’s national trip planner Rejseplanen, HaCon has developed the new multimodal app MinRejseplan which integrates Flextrafik’s DRT services, taxis as well as carpooling. This ensures that, even in rural areas, mobility is possible – independent of private car ownership.

In close collaboration with Siemens Mobility, eos.uptrade and Bytemark, HaCon drives innovation in several areas, including mobile ticketing: New smartphone-based options like Check-in/Check-out (CiCo), Check-in/Be-out (CiBo) and Be-in/Be-out (BiBo) significantly enhance the passenger experience. A comprehensive BiBo solution automatically registers passengers when boarding the train or bus and then calculates the best price for the route traveled. The system is already successfully used on the trains of Swiss Suedostbahn AG – at InnoTrans 2018, you can give it a try at our stand with our MaaSBuddy app.

In the area of Big Data Analytics, new tools for analyzing large data sets help public transport operators to understand passenger behavior and improve their service offerings. Data from various systems, including trip planning, ticketing, fleet management and infrastructure, provides valuable insights for detailed predictions of transport demands, automatic incident detection and quality evaluations regarding connections and the first and last mile. Learn more about tools for data analytics at the Siemens stand 202 in hall 4.2.