Seon Adds New 8-Channel Hybrid High-Definition System to TH Series Surveillance Line-Up

July 12, 2018
Seon added the TH8 to its TH Series hybrid high-definition (HD) video surveillance line which already includes four and six channel recorders.

Seon added the TH8 to its TH Series hybrid high-definition (HD) video surveillance line which already includes four and six channel recorders. The TH8 offers up to eight high-definition 1080p camera views with smooth video recording at 30 frames per second (fps) on all channels simultaneously. Ideally suited for transit and school bus, this high-definition surveillance solution provides full coverage inside and outside the vehicle to promote passenger safety and reduce liability.

“Like the rest of the TH Series, the TH8 offers true hybrid functionality with both analog and high-definition cameras supported on every channel,” says Justin Malcolm, Seon Director of product management. “This allows customers to preserve existing camera investments and upgrade to HD video at their own pace.”

The TH8 hybrid DVR supports any combination of standard resolution analog or high-definition cameras for a total of 8 video and audio channels at up to 1080p resolution, recording at up to 30 FPS simultaneously. Hybrid support allows a selection of the widest range of camera options to suit the needs of every fleet, including the HD3 series of 1080p resolution interior dome and exterior wedge cameras. Up to 2 TB of storage capacity ensures maximum video retention time. And unlike other systems on the market that require customized programming and additional peripherals, the TH8 has been specifically designed for quick and easy camera installation, featuring simple plug and play technology.

The system is capable of downloading marked video via Wi-Fi automatically, or streaming live video on-demand over an optional cellular connection, and features a video protection feature to ensure critical post-accident footage is always recorded.

This eight channel DVR provides full school bus surveillance coverage with five cameras configured along the sides of the bus deliver a cross-view between high-backed seats, and three exterior cameras provide windshield, stop-arm and rear- backing coverage. Also ideal for transit applications, the TH8 solution can offer complete coverage including a view out the front windshield for investigating collision claims.

A new Seon hard drive docking station will support TH8 hard drives and is backward compatible with all Seon DVRs to manage all video retrieval needs for any Seon-equipped fleet.

The TH8 is GPS and WiFi-ready and also offers full compatibility with Seon’s vMax software suite. vMax View provides easy viewing, archiving, and retrieval of mobile surveillance video. vMax Commander video management software helps transportation managers easily retrieve and manage video evidence by scheduling downloads in advance or automatically triggering Wi-Fi video downloads based on pre-set conditions. Users can also reduce liability and system downtime with automated Health Check and live bus tracking, available in real-time with vMax Live Plus GPS tracking. The Health Check feature monitors DVR and hard drive status so that bus operators are alerted in advance to maintenance issues or unlocked hard drives that prevent video from being recorded.