AlphaVu Awarded Multi-Year Public Outreach Contract

July 12, 2018
The Riverside County Transportation Commission has selected AlphaVu to lead its public engagement program. Valued at $1.65 million over three years.

The Riverside County Transportation Commission has selected AlphaVu to lead its public engagement program.  Valued at $1.65 million over three years, the program is designed to: 

  • Increase general public awareness and education regarding RCTC's projects and programs. 
  • Increase transparency and accessibility of RCTC information available to the public. 

Receive data-driven public feedback on transportation priorities in preparation for major planning and funding decisions regarding Measure A and a potential new local transportation funding measure that may be placed on the November 2020 ballot. 

RCTC selected AlphaVu from a number of qualified proposers.  "We were impressed with AlphaVu's data-driven approach.  It's important to both staff and the commissioners that we are measuring results and continually improving our message and outreach strategy based on what we can prove is working," said Anne Mayer, RCTC's executive director.  "AlphaVu brings a blend of both science and art to ensure an effective return on investment.  Their national experience is augmented by teaming with local firms that understand our community's unique needs."

"AlphaVu is the leader using social listening and data mining as the basis for building a successful public outreach program in the transportation and infrastructure industries, and we are excited for this opportunity with RCTC," said AlphaVu CEO Scott Wilkinson. "There's so much information out there that public agencies must harness in order to be agile and efficient in the modern data age. The old tools and methods just can't cut it anymore.  RCTC has been a leader in innovation in many ways and we are eager to work with them on an innovative approach to public outreach."