Transit Wireless Awarded Honorable Mention in the MTA Genius Transit Challenge

March 22, 2018
Transit Wireless was recognized as an honorable mention in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Genius Transit Challenge.

Transit Wireless was recognized as an honorable mention in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Genius Transit Challenge for its proposed solution to implement high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity into the New York City Subway System’s train fleet.

“It is a great privilege for Transit Wireless to be awarded Honorable Mention of the MTA Genius Transit Challenge: Communications to Increase Communications Infrastructure in the Subway System,” said William Bayne, CEO of Transit Wireless. “This is a great opportunity for all parties to team up and support modernization of the New York City subway system for all New Yorkers to be proud of. As we expand our unique partnership with the MTA towards implementation, Transit Wireless will leverage our unique relationship with the transit teams, as well as our first-hand knowledge of the system, and our own network infrastructure to achieve the Authority’s target results as soon as possible.”

For the MTA Genius Transit Challenge, Transit Wireless took on the third challenge, Communications: to: “identify a communications infrastructure to support modern train control systems which operates in tunnels, subway cars, and stations, and offers an outstanding degree of reliability.” Transit Wireless proposed the installation of a long-term evolution (LTE) network that would provide uninterrupted ground connectivity for trains in track tunnels allowing for continuous communications for train operators and subway riders at all times. This expansion would build upon the Wi-Fi network infrastructure that Transit Wireless installed in all the underground subway stations. The combined networks will support train control and signal systems, as well as digital advertising, public and operational Wi-Fi services in the train cars.

The MTA Genius Transit Challenge was an international competition featuring three separate challenges that began in July 2017 in hopes of finding innovative solutions to modernize and improve the New York City subway system. The MTA received 438 submissions from 23 countries and judging went through two phases before winners were announced on March 9, 2018. With Transit Wireless’ existing fiber network, backhaul facilities and data centers already in place, an expansion onto trains is the next progressive step in providing riders with ultimate connectivity by allowing for an uninterrupted browsing experience.

In January 2018, Transit Wireless celebrated the one-year anniversary of the activation of cellular and Wi-Fi services within the underground subway stations. During this time, more than 280 million cellular calls originated within the underground subway stations, and 120 million Wi-Fi log-ins were made to the public Wi-Fi network. This system will continue to revolutionize how the MTA communicates with riders underground and allows them to provide accurate real-time information.