Luminator Technology Group Announces New Product Solutions for APTA Expo 2017

Oct. 6, 2017
Luminator Technology Group has announced its newest product technology solutions for the APTA Expo 2017 October 9-11.

Luminator Technology Group has announced its newest product technology solutions for the APTA Expo 2017 October 9-11. Key solutions expected to receive high attendee interest include:

  • CCTV Camera Integration with INFOtransit Passenger Information System for On-board Security of Passengers, Driver, & Property- By integrating and displaying the video stream of on-board Apollo CCTV cameras with INFOtransit TFT displays riders immediately see that any crime committed is being video recorded. This may not prevent crimes from occurring on a transit vehicle, but it does notify violators that high-definition video recorded evidence is available to hasten their arrest. Liability claims against an operator can also be quickly and accurately video documented.
  • Exterior Bus Mobile Advertising- MobiVISION is a full color LED display solution for high-impact advertising and video content display on the outside of a bus. This can dramatically increase market reach for advertising.
  • Solar Powered Display Systems for Passenger Updates at Bus Stops & Stations- Luminator’s bistable display systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and require very little energy to display content. Similarly, our ePaper solution (developed with ePaper technology originator and pioneer Eink) is also available. Either technology can be used depending on the needs in a specific application. Energy is required only while a wireless update is made; with power off the last update remains on the display until a new update is received. An optional solar panel and battery enable the solution to be completely self-sufficient in applications without a power grid.
  • Low-cost INFOlite Passenger Information System- INFOlite is a ‘basic’ version companion to our INFOtransit comprehensive passenger information system. INFOlite is an on-board solution to provide passengers with travel information as well as a platform for advertising revenue generation.
  • ITCS- Automatic Vehicle Location and Planning System- LTG introduces our AVL solution designed specifically for smaller transit agencies, airports and universities. ITCS is a cost effective solution utilizing many of the common platforms in the industry. The system fully integrates to our Destination signs, CCTV and INFOtransit.

APTA Expo attendees are encouraged to stop by booth #7432 for more information and a product demonstration.