ETA Transit Expands its Real-Time Arrivals with New Colorado Offices

Aug. 23, 2017
ETA Transit Systems has announced it has established an additional regional headquarters in Colorado Springs.

ETA Transit Systems has announced it has established an additional regional headquarters in Colorado Springs. The expansion, driven by substantial growth along the Pacific Coast and neighboring states helps to provide customers west of the Mississippi River with closer, more responsive service and serves as a rallying point to join satellite offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Kansas City, Missouri with key leadership and decision makers.

"We're really excited about establishing a permanent foothold in Colorado," stated ETA CEO Nicole Castonguay. "This expansion allows us to better serve our customers throughout the region, and streamline our operations so that we may continue our impressive growth in the area over the last couple of years."

ETA Transit Systems, founded in 2003, provides real-time vehicle location and related technology services to public transportation providers across the United States. Its versatile flagship intelligent transit system (ITS), SPOT, can be found in public transit agencies ranging from airports, to rail and trolley, to theme parks, to major municipalities, and universities-including the University of Colorado Boulder and Boulder RTD.

The technology supplied through ETA's advanced system provides public transit riders with up-to-the-second arrival predictions via websites and mobile applications. Riders can plan trips, receive automatic announcements, review schedules, vehicle capacity and even provide real-time feedback to agencies about their travel experience. For operators, the SPOT platform provides robust data and reporting capabilities, the ability to adjust routes on-the-fly, communicate with drivers, and infuse their operations with new revenue generating infotainment systems. Once implemented, these systems help to improve rider satisfaction, optimize operational performance, provide the key analytical insights necessary to inform future expansion, and streamline the job responsibilities of administrative and maintenance staff, as well as vehicle drivers.

"Our SPOT ITS sits at the forefront of modern transportation tracking and analytics," noted ETA President John Maglio. "In order to remain competitive, transit agencies are looking for systems that can grow with them to meet current and future needs. Our solution, with its open architecture, cloud-based platform delivers the intense customization and expansion capabilities that transportation providers require that truly 'future-proof' their operations."