Vix Technology Announces Steve Gallagher Appointed to Role of Non-Executive Director

March 29, 2017
Vix Technology is delighted to announce that Steve Gallagher has been appointed to the role of non-executive director.

Vix Technology is delighted to announce that Steve Gallagher has been appointed to the role of non-executive director.

Gallagher has garnered a wealth of experience and knowledge within the transit ticketing and payments arena having held senior roles with a cross-section of A-list companies, including ERG, renowned for its implementation of the revered Octopus system in Hong Kong. He has played an integral role in the successful establishment of important transit innovations across Asia, from contract stage to delivery and commercialization, including the implementation of the largest back-office transit ticketing system in Beijing. Such experience has given him a unique depth of knowledge and strong credibility at C- and board-level within transit operator businesses globally.

In 2009, Gallagher initiated the Vix Technology journey, taking the helm as CEO and steering the company through unprecedented growth, which yielded a host of milestone achievements including the acquisition of UK-based ACIS and the positioning of Vix as a clear market leader in Asia. Stepping down in 2015 allowed Gallagher to diversify and tap into new territory by setting up an advisory and investment company while simultaneously taking on board-level membership roles which have further sharpened his knowledge and relations within the transit sector.

Gallagher was invited to rejoin the company in a board role, where his extensive insights, unique experience and depth of customer relationships in the industry will prove an asset to the company. “From having built the company to witnessing a swathe of new blood bringing fresh ideas and energy to the Vix proposition, I’m now pleased to rejoin the team and lend my deep knowledge of the domain, ensuring there’s a strong advocate of the customer at the board table. Time away has enabled me to freshen some of my thinking, and different assignments I have taken on – including my work on the board of a bus operating company — have given me a unique and rounded perspective. Vix has recently made significant investment commitments into new projects, and so it’s an exciting time to return. I look forward to playing a part in shaping the future of the company, propelling it into a world where typical transit services merge with on-demand services and the private transit landscape,” he said.

Gallagher's return comes at an exciting turning point in Vix Technology’s journey and he is eager to work at the very heart of the company’s strategy for improvement and support the executive team to push the business forward. “It’s exciting to be the market leader in Asia, and traditionally Vix has always done well in Europe, so when you add the strong relationships and growth prospects in North America, the future looks very interesting for the company. I’m thrilled to return and play a part in its future success,” he added.

The board looks forward to working with Steve and the Executive Team as Vix continues to help transport authorities ease passenger movement and embrace new innovations in order for them to provide the most efficient transit system possible for passengers.

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