Transforming City into a Sustainable SmartCity

March 16, 2017
There is pressure on towns and cities around the globe and across the nation to take a more sustainable approach to every aspect of daily life.

There is pressure on towns and cities around the globe and across the nation to take a more sustainable approach to every aspect of daily life. Private companies and local authorities are expected to take a proactive attitude to their impact on the environment and the health and wellbeing of the public.

A SmartCity is one where the systems and people in it are connected together seamlessly through information technology. Future Systems' SmartCities product developments harness innovation and emerging technologies to create more integrated, efficient and sustainable public transport systems.

It marks a coalition between traditional transport systems and Future Systems' ultra-technology and communication products and services that can exploit vast amounts of available multi-layered data.

Public transport systems are the arteries that flow through cities to provide commuters with the vital links to their destinations. Getting commuters and travellers to stop using their inefficient cars and vehicles is one of the biggest and most difficult first steps in cutting down the damaging effects.

Cars are one of the biggest producers of carbon dioxide on the roads and diesel engines produce high levels of nitrogen dioxide, which is even more harmful, especially for those with respiratory problems.

Wayfinding and digital signage are the keys to promoting a healthy lifestyle and provide an attractive alternative to the daily grind of rush hour. By having a solid foundation of wayfinding options and digital street furniture agencies are providing a platform for commuters to find alternatives to their cars such as walking, cycling and using public transport.

In large and congested cities, a series of wayfinding kiosks provide appealing routes through city centers and advertise the clear and easy paths available for pedestrians.

But it’s not just regular commuters that can benefit from a sustainable, digital city. Visitors and tourists, with a limited knowledge and understanding of new surroundings, need a structured and easy to understand digital guidance system.

Agencies turning to wayfinding and signage into connected, digital appliances they are opening up the possibilities for everyone to use and enjoy roaming freely in cities.

By having a system of digital wayfinding kiosks and digital totems, they create an attractive environment of digital progression in a city. Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising screens such as the Outdoor Digital 6 Sheet and the Indoor Digital 6 Sheet digital displays can give any area a much-needed burst of color and energy.

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