EHC Global Launches NT MotionRail Handrail Solutions to Public Transit Market

Feb. 14, 2017
EHC Global (EHC) has announced the global launch of NT MotionRail handrail solutions to the public transit market with Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) serving as EHC’s North American launch customer.

EHC Global (EHC) has announced the global launch of NT MotionRail handrail solutions to the public transit market with Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) serving as EHC’s North American launch customer. Escalators at CTA’s North/Clybourn Station in Chicago have been retrofitted with EHC’s patented NT handrail and feature permanent and vandalism-resistant motion indicators that provide a visual indication of the speed and direction of travel, enabling riders to take a more natural step onto the escalator.

Established in 1947, CTA operates the second largest public transportation system in the United States, serving the city of Chicago and 35 surrounding suburbs. Approximately 1.64 million rides are taken on the CTA on an average weekday. Presently, CTA service is provided by two modes: bus and rail rapid transit. The rail system, commonly referred to as the “L”, consists of eight rapid transit routes and 145 stations over more than 224 miles of track. Parts of the 'L' run above ground, in subway tunnels, as well as at grade or in expressway medians. CTA joins London Underground and Dubai Metro as the latest major public transit system to implement NT MotionRail.

“NT MotionRail has been engineered to maximize passenger safety, accessibility as well as traffic flow on escalators and moving walks in both indoor and outdoor applications,” said Jeno Eppel, president and chief executive officer of EHC. “NT MotionRail expands EHC’s comprehensive suite of escalator safety and accessibility solutions, which include NT SafeRail, NT AMRail antimicrobial handrail, NT ColourRail and D-Flector skirt brushes.”

With the addition of NT MotionRail to the NT platform, designers and operators now have the option to select a preconfigured motion indicator or design their own graphic to meet local code requirements, language and/or branding considerations. NT MotionRail is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including public transit systems, airports, shopping malls, department stores, convention centers and healthcare facilities.

Developed by EHC, the NT thermoplastic urethane (TPU) handrail platform was introduced in 1997 as an environmentally-friendly and technologically advanced alternative to conventional rubber-based products. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, NT handrail is recyclable, easy-to-clean and requires minimal maintenance. NT handrail solutions can be found in most major public transit systems throughout North America and around the world.