App iPassenger Now Available On Apple iTunes

Nov. 24, 2015

United States Transit Funding Inc. announced that its iPassenger mobile application product line is live and available on iTunes and Google Play.

“Through our technology platform, we are scaled to help anyone providing transportation or transit service with a scalable and integrated technology platform that is customized to your company brand while enhancing customer service, increase sales and marketing efforts, and increase productivity without changing your current workflow processes,” Barry Lewis, chief executive officer Of United States Transit Funding Inc., the parent company of its iPassenger and ePassenger brands.

“The goal has been and will continue to be to help passengers and companies interconnect with each other while helping companies and public agencies that deliver safe, effective and affordable transportation,” Lewis continued.

“Through our iPassenger mobile application platform, any company that receives a customized platform based on their brand will increase business opportunities and increase its customer base through any transportation service, like motorcoach, any form of shuttle service, school bus, limousine or black car service as well as rail and boat service.”

The product development team of United States Transit Funding Inc. has been busy enhancing its iPassenger mobile app and ePassenger features in order to better serve consumers and the public as well as its current customers who are in product development. 

“We are pleased with the continued development of our ePassenger and iPassenger platforms,” said Lewis, “Our platform not only helps interconnect consumers with the passenger-carrier transportation market but is the only app that help companies mitigate any threat of domestic terrorism and acts of felonious violence in concert with our work with local, state and federal resources.”

United States Transit Funding Inc.
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