DirectView Begins Beta Testing of its Body-Worn Camera Systems Integrated with Mobile Broadband Technology

June 11, 2015

DirectView Holdings Inc. announced it has begun beta testing its body-worn camera systems integrated with mobile broadband technology. 

During this beta phase, the company will be testing the wide array of state-of-the-art camera features, including high-capacity streaming video, Bluetooth, GPS, push-to-talk, Wi-Fi/4G LTE, and embedded biometric access. The company will also work to integrate the video feeds with its backend storage solutions for video/audio storage, including playback and editing of stored evidence. The company also intends to test the camera in the coming weeks on a number of platforms, including xG Technology Inc.'s (xG) xMax private mobile broadband technology, as part of its previously announced integration agreement. 

Roger Ralston, CEO and board chairman of DirectView, said, “We are excited to have received the first units of our new body-worn cameras for testing and look forward to putting this exciting new security product through this Beta phase prior to field testing. We have received a number of requests for demo/evaluation units and we intend to work diligently to complete this testing and provide demo units into the field as we continue to move closer to our anticipated product launch in the coming months."