VVTA Tests Real-Time Transit Sign in Apple Valley

April 28, 2015

Passengers are excited for the introduction of real-time transit signage at the Apple Valley Tranfer Point. Located at the Apple Valley Post Office, the digital signage delivers real-time bus arrival information for VVTA Routes 23, 40, 41, 43, and 47, enabling riders to easily plan trips on the fly.

“VVTA serves rural landscapes that present many technical challenges, and this is especially true when delivering real-time data to riders,” says VVTA Mobility Manager, Aaron Moore. “Because of this, we sought a manufacturer willing to adapt an existing solution to meet the demands of our unique operational environment and judicious budgetary constraints.”

The sign manufacturer, FleetWatch, provided the real-time signage free of charge, as a 90-day demonstration of its abilities. During this period, VVTA worked closely with the manufacturer to develop usability and reliability improvements, including the introduction of solar power, low-voltage lighting, real-time data transmission that reaches as far as Lucerne Valley for VVTA Route 23, and programming. FleetWatch made use of VVTA's existing Avail Technologies CAD/AVL Software data feed to accurately display the real-time arrival information.

“The technical challenges we overcome here in the High Desert will benefit rural transit agencies throughout the country, as they too will reap the rewards of our success,” says Moore. With an operational footprint of over 425 square miles, VVTA boasts a total of 74 solar-powered stops and shelters. Many more are in the works. The real-time transit signage is the High Desert’s first.

"By streamlining the rider experience, we encourage the reduction of traffic congestion on major High Desert corridors and improve air quality," said VVTA Board of Directors Vice-Chair and Town of Apple Valley Mayor Pro Tem, Barb Stanton.

“This is cool. And it’s useful. It’s just like the big city,” said one group of Victor Valley College student riders, as they gazed upon the digital sign. “It’s just like L.A. Metro. The High Desert is moving on up. It makes riding the bus easy.”
If the signage proves effective following the 90-day demonstration and development period, VVTA will consider purchasing and deploying signage at its major transfer points throughout the High Desert.