Shuttle Computer Group, NoviSign Announce  Digital Signage Bundle

Feb. 19, 2015

Shuttle Computer Group Inc. and NoviSign announced their digital signage bundle that makes digital signage simple and affordable. The bundle will be demonstrated in Booth  No. 646 at Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, March 11-12.

Shuttle’s new DS2ALSNOVI package includes a lifetime software license and combines Shuttle’s DSA2LS Android-based media player with NoviSign’s software pre-imaged.

“We’re simplifying digital signage in a whole new way,” said Marty Lash, director sales and marketing, Shuttle Computer Group. “Our bundle makes it easier for system integrators to reach more people, in more markets, than ever before, and do it more profitably.”

Shuttle’s DSA2LS digital signage player is housed in a one-liter metal chassis and powered by a Freescale ARM i.MX6 DualLite 1 GHz Dual Core processor. Its built-in 2D/3D GPU provides 1080p full-HD graphics and features several USB ports and one serial port. Designed for commercial applications with industrial-grade components and fanless operation, the DSA2LS is energy efficient and approved for reliable 24/7 nonstop operation.

NoviSign's Digital Signage Studio software allows users to create, schedule, broadcast and manage digital signage campaigns. Templates for corporate, retail, hospitality, education and other industries are available. Content is then sent to the Shuttle DS2ALSNOVI player via the Internet or a wireless local network.

The software is designed in “layers,” starting with image/video content, up to a mixture of image, video, rolling or static text and embedded widgets such as: clock, RSS and YouTube feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, shapes, backgrounds, logos and more.

The new bundle includes cloud-based storage. Users who want more cloud-based storage or additional players may do so through NoviSign.  

“This new bundle is a result of a long and fruitful collaboration between Shuttle and NoviSign,” said Gil Matzliah, CEO and co-founder. “Both companies realized that the combination of a dedicated, state of the art, digital signage player with a robust, dynamic, cloud-based Content Management System will provide tangible value to our SMB customers.”

Shuttle’s player is specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of digital signage applications; this is its main differentiator from ‘generic’ Android, TV-based players.

“The DS2ALNOVI bundle brings to market a fresh wind of true, valuable collaboration between hardware and software providers– it’s the perfect synergy,” added Matzliah.