Valley Metro Introduces Official Mobile App

Feb. 17, 2015

Ridekick has arrived. Valley Metro’s new mobile app is designed to get riders where they want to go easily and efficiently. By launching the free app, which pulls real-time schedule data, riders can plan a trip and get up-to-the-minute arrival times on bus or light rail. Riders can view available public transit options based on current location, plan a future trip and bookmark their favorite routes.

“Valley Metro is dedicated to making transit easy and accessible. Riders who use bus and light rail daily to those exploring public transportation for the first time will find the app very useful,” said Steve Banta, Valley Metro CEO. “Ridekick helps us better serve our existing riders and attract new by streamlining time and travel.”

Ridekick features include:

  • An interactive map that displays bus, rail stops and park-and-ride locations
  • GPS and filters to find the best public transit options based on rider needs and current location
  • List of fare and fare retailers
  • Ability to bookmark favorite routes and email your itinerary

Valley Metro and its ad agency partnered with Portland-based GlobeSherpa to design, build, test and deploy the Ridekick application.

“The time is right to provide a mobile trip planning solution to Valley Metro riders that's informative and easy-to-use,” said Nat Parker, GlobeSherpa CEO. "With the launch of the Ridekick trip planning application, Valley Metro is enhancing the transit riding experience in the greater Phoenix area by delivering relevant, real-time information to the rider when they need it.”

Valley Metro riders responded positively to Ridekick during testing, highlighting the user-friendly functionality, accurate timing and trip planning tools.

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