CDTA Redesigns Website

Feb. 11, 2015

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) unveiled its redesigned website Feb. 11, focusing on the 21st century customer. is being launched with a modern, responsive redesign to engage the entire CDTA community including a rapidly growing number of users on mobile devices.

“Communicating effectively with our customers, stakeholders and the public is critical to providing the most efficient service in a way that best serves our communities,” said CDTA Chairman David M. Stackrow. “Integrating the latest transit technology into our website helps us to provide better information on schedules, services and the best ways to get around the Capital Region.”

The redesigned site provides the most relevant data with the fewest number of clicks as most site visits are to find out scheduling information. The new home page offers an intuitive search bar that includes stops, routes and regional landmarks along with service advisories whenever used.

The site showcases the highest priority features and elements front and center on all devices. The site also features call-outs throughout the site giving customers the choice to more quickly access what matters to them. The mobile first orientation directs users to the most accessed information like schedules, service advisories and fare products. Trip planning, tech tools like app downloads and access to real time information are more prevalent in the new format.

Stackrow added, “Just five years ago mobile usage was at just 6 percent and by the end of 2014, mobile users jumped to nearly 80 percent of our visits. Clearly the marketplace is changing and we wanted to be responsive to our customers’ needs.”

The desktop version will better assist first-time riders, seasoned riders looking for quick information and Capital Region visitors. The site also offers support to residents, community leaders, vendors interested in business opportunities, and the media more than ever before through an enhanced footer.

CDTA set a record with nearly 2 million website hits in 2014, with more than 1.5 million coming from mobile users. More than 70% of the visits were to the schedule pages and led to more than 5 million pages views last year. The rollout of real-time information in October has driven the website’s numbers to record heights with nearly 17,000 sessions a day for more than 1 million sessions all told.

The website was developed with the assistance of NaviSite.